TheBrain visualization app for iPad aims to give business execs better insights

April 3, 2014

The ambitious new app combines note taking, file synchronization and “mind mapping” to provide a “digital memory” you can keep on your iPad and have at the ready in meetings, at your desk or when traveling.

The app is designed to help business execs, managers, entrepreneurs and others with note taking and as a kind of “everything in your life manager” to get a big picture for projects, capture ideas and activate them within the app, use the app to organize trips or events and brainstorm for innovative ideas about projects or your business.

The company claims the way TheBrain creates a link of thoughts and organizes them as well as gets insight from them is unique in helping you capitalize on random ideas. To TheBrain, a “thought”  can represent an idea or topic as well as link to any number of files and web pages.

While new to the iPad, publisher TheBrain Technologies says TheBrain software has been downloaded over two million times for digital brainstorming, project management, and as a knowledgebase for companies to find and connect all their information.

The free app is cross platform and your thoughts and ideas can be accessible from the cloud no matter if you are using an iPad or a desktop PC. TheBrain can also be used as a visual file manager where you can input web pages, photos and documents into the app.

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