There’s a good sport: Ohio university to lend tablets to 500 college athletes

July 1, 2013

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the deployment follows on from a pilot program last spring, where tablets were handed out to approximately 30 students who were playing for the men’s and women’s basketball team.

The university has now expanded that roll-out to other athletes, mainly because they face bigger time pressures than other students. The Akron Beacon Journal claims that it has even contemplated giving tablets to all students, although it is thought that cost could be an issue with 29,000 students on campus.

The main aim of this initial deployment is to help students keep up with schoolwork, but does also hope to give them access to material which their coaches would want them to have, such as playbooks and game footage.

The University of Akron hasn't announced which tablets its students will be using, although photos from the local newspaper reveal that some students are already using Apple iPads.


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