There’s a new ‘Tony Hawk’ game headed to tablets this year, skateboarder confirms

February 27, 2014
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During an interview with Bloomberg TV that touched on subjects ranging from Hawk's Twitter account to skateboarding in the Olympics, Hawk said:

"We are working on a mobile game now. So we're working on a game for mobile devices this year. And we've never gone exclusively that direction yet, so I'm excited because, I mean, you know, with the amount of time people are spending on their phones and their tablets playing games, we've never had our own game in that space. So I'm excited to provide one finally."

In addition, Hawk told Larry King that the game is coming this year.

We don't know anything beyond that, besides that the "we" in his statement must refer to Activision. The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games have varied in popularity, generally waning in recent iterations, but a new entry on tablets and smartphones could definitely have some appeal.


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