These figures suggest that mobile is now big business at Facebook

May 2, 2013
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The Internet giant reported its first quarter financial results on May 1 and detailed how net income has risen from $205 million to $219 million in the space of the year (note: the company was still private back in 2012), with revenue also growing 38% to $1.46 billion.

Financial results aside for one second however, and perhaps the most striking thing about the report was Facebook’s success on mobile devices.

The California-based company reported that mobile advertising revenue accounted for 30% of its total ad revenue (approximately $375 million) in Q1, which was a small but significant increase from the 23% penetration ($306 million) in Q4 of last year. Mobile represented just 14% ($153 million) of Facebook’s total ad revenue two quarters ago.

Such growth is impressive when judged against the fact that Facebook didn’t start rolling out ads to mobile users until early last year, but does make sense when you see the network’s ever-increasing number of mobile users.

Facebook claims that it had 665 million daily active users in March, representing a 26% increase compared to the year before, but it was mobile where Zuckerberg and friends saw a bigger jump.

The firm says that Facebook’s mobile apps were used by a staggering 751 million over the same period, marking an increase of 54% from this time last year.

This news is likely to come as a blow to developers who propose that mobile HTML5 apps can be the antidote for developers looking to reach multiple mobile operating systems at minimal cost. Facebook famously moved away from using HTML5 for its original mobile app, citing common issues and the apps being too slow to respond.


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