“Thomas was alone” is becoming an instant classic game for all iPad users

May 19, 2014
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While “Thomas was alone” was originally launched as a PC and Mac game in 2012, it looks like the iPad is the platform that lets it shine best.

Thomas is a red rectangle. Trapped in a computer mainframe, it realizes that it is a thinking thing. You must help him jump and go through portals shaped like him at the end of each level.

You’ve seen that plenty of times, haven’t you? Except that you will feel a strong emotional bond to Thomas and other square and rectangle shaped characters in the game.

Reviewers are almost unanimous: this is an exceptionally good game.

Here are a few quotes:

The only negative point relates to a tech issue. “The frame rate varies from acceptable to annoyingly low, to the point where it actually impacts the gameplay”, notes GSM Arena. But this didn’t prevent reviewers to have plenty of fun playing with Thomas.

For the privilege, you’ll have to pay $8.99.

This relatively high price doesn’t seem to deter gamers. As of today, “Thomas was alone” has reached the 17th rank among the top paid iPad apps in the US and it it still climbing the chart.


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