Three in four CEOs use tablets on a regular basis [infographic]

November 19, 2012
4 20

The infographic, which pulls in data from Decisive Analytics and among others, details that smartphones are the most commonly used devices by company CEOs (84.8%), followed by laptops (82.6%) and tablets (78%). Mobile apps and cloud storage solutions (both 33%) are used less frequently.

However, while CEOs themselves most often use iOS devices like the iPhone, they more often provision Android (69.3%) and BlackBerry devices (69.2%) to their workers, with iOS and Windows a distant third and fourth respectively.

The infographic also suggests that favorite CEO apps include Expensify for logging expenses, OmniFocus for project management, Camcard for digitized business cards, Siri, Evernote and Cisco WebEx for virtual meetings. Facebook trumps LinkedIn as the favorite app for social networking.


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