Three in four companies now give BYOD the green light

September 13, 2013
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The study, which was carried out by IT recruitment agency Robert Half Technology, discovered that over three quarters (76%) of CIOs now allow employees to bring in their own smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and USB drives, with this dropping to 56% for smartphones and to 38% for tablets.

Laptops remain the most popular personally-owned devices in business at 65%.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, chief information officers highlighted security as one of their concerns with the trend.

“There are a number of factors leading to the growth of BYOD, from company cost savings to employee preferences for using their own device,” said Robert Half Technology managing director Phil Sheridan.

“Consumer-friendly new technologies such as Apple’s iPhone 5S has prompted my employees to rely on a certain level of productivity at work as they have at home. Only 24% of IT directors in our survey said that they do not currently allow employee owned devices into the workplace, so the tide has clearly turned in favour of BYOD.


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