Tigerspike: The second wave is coming…and it’s for mobile enterprise applications

November 11, 2011

Tigerspike is the company behind iPad apps for The Times, The Economist and The Telegraph, and has also built the ICSA Blueprint BoardPad app, which is being used by 71 of the FTSE 100 companies for board meetings and agendas.

“We believe we’re now into the second wave of personal media”, said Allen, who was speaking at a conference, held by the Internet Advertising Bureau in London yesterday.

“The first big wave was consumerization, but the next big wave will be for enterprise applications”.

Allen admitted that security is a ‘natural’ concern for organizations, but said that it ‘doesn’t have to be if done properly’.

Tigerspike’s internal research suggests that 72% of businesses think that having a mobilised workforce is beneficial, while 30-40% already allow workers to bring their own device into work.

The survey also found that 92% think that security is the biggest concern when adopting mobile devices, while a significant 35% of organizations believe that mobile deployment is faster and cheaper than with traditional ERPs.

“Get some iPads into your company, ideally at top level”, advised Allen. “It is a relatively minor investment but it removes a lot of barriers and is an effective way of getting started. 

“CIOs must not be dinosaurs. The change is happening and the young workforce, demanding use of these new technologies, are probably ahead”.

Tigerspike is able to deliver applications that work with SAP, Oracle and Salesforce systems, as well as any type of security software and hardware device.


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