Apple chief Tim Cook defends the iPad mini; talks Steve Jobs, Samsung and problems with iOS 6

December 7, 2012

The first of these interviews was held with Bloomberg Businessweek, with Cook telling the source that the firm’s recently released iPad mini tablet is good value.

“A great product doesn’t mean an expensive product. It means a fair price,” said Cook. “The iPad mini is all the way down to $329. This isn’t an expensive product.”

Cook later spoke to NBC's Brian Williams in a wide-ranging, two-part interview that tackled everything from Jobs and Apple’s direction to TVs and tablets.

One of the main topics on the agenda was iOS 6, and most notably the poor reception of Apple’s maps client. Cook admitted that Apple got it wrong with the Maps app, but has vowed to fix things.

“It didn’t meet customers' expectations and it didn't meet our expectations. We screwed up and we are putting the weight of the company behind correcting it,” said Cook.

The Apple CEO was certainly in more boisterous mood when it came to tackling Apple’s legal battle with Samsung, and the opportunity for the Cupertino firm to enter the TV market.

“We want people to invent their own stuff”, was his riposte to a question on Samsung’s anti-Apple ads, while he admitted that his firm has an “intense” interest in a  TV market.

What with the interview marking not only the one year anniversary since his appointment as CEO of Apple but also the passing of friend and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Cook had warmer words for his predecessor.

“It was the saddest time of my life,” reflected Cook, who was advised by Jobs before passing to “never question” what the former Apple CEO would have done. “I almost thought that he would bounce back because he always did.”

The full Rock Center episode with Cook is scheduled to air tonight at 10pm Eastern Time, 7pm Pacific, on NBC. Here’s a round-up of other topics that Cook tackled during the interview:

  • “Almost everyone I know thought I was crazy”. Cook reflects on his decision to join Apple from Compaq in 1998.
  • On the issue of Apple bringing production back to the U.S, the Apple CEO said that the firm plans to “do one of the existing Mac lines in the United States” next year.
  • “I think some companies may be decided they could do everything. We have to make sure Apple stays laser focused”. Cook spells out Apple’s plans going forward, while possibly aiming a thinly-veiled attack on rivals Microsoft and Google.
  • Apple is secretive in its make-up because “holding product plans secret is very important” to the firm and also because “people love surprises”.


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