Apple to unveil 7-inch iPad at WWDC, claims report

June 8, 2012

An anonymous source sent supposed images of the iPad Mini to tech website ZooGlue, and claimed that the tablet will be called the ‘iPad Nano’ and will be 7.58 inches wide, a fraction short of the 7.85-inch size previously predicted.

However, the biggest surprise from the report is that source expects Tim Cook to announce the new tablet at his WWDC keynote on Monday, a move which would certainly see Apple get one over Google. The search giant is also expected to announce a 7-inch tablet imminently, although this tablet is rumored to arrive in time for Google's I/O developer conference in two weeks' time.

Looking closely at the images of what could be the iPad Nano, they would seem to indicate the presence of a smaller dock connector, and ZooGlue believes this connector will also be used for Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5.

Rumors have abound on a 7-inch iPad for some time now. John Gruber of Daring Fireball was arguably the most credible voice among these rumormongers, and said in April that Apple has been testing a 7-inch iPad with a view to take it to market.

Apple seems intent in entering the 7-inch tablet market, and is reportedly taking such steps if only to destroy its Android-toting rivals. Either way, any such move from Apple to launch a 7-inch iPad would show that new CEO Tim Cook takes a different view on the form factor than the late Steve Jobs, who famously wrote-off 7-inch tablets around two years ago.


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