Time clock app for iPad & Android tablets set to ‘revolutionize’ employee verification

February 3, 2012
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Due out this spring, the app, codenamed PicTime, can use a tablet’s camera to take a photo at employee check in and out points, so managers have the option to confirm it matches up with the employee. The idea is to head off so-called "buddy punching" where employee A covers for a late or absent employee B by punching in for them.

TimeMD claims hundreds of thousands of employees take advantage of buddy punching every day, resulting in millions of dollars worth of "stolen" time from employers. 

One solution is biometric verification to uniquely identify an employee by a distinguishing biological. Fingerprint readers, hand geometry, retina and iris pattern scanners are among the more expensive solutions currently deployed. 

“Our Web-based time and labor system can work with any open time clock or biometric device, but we developed the PicTime app to fill a void in the market. We consistently hear clients complaining about the cost of existing biometric solutions so we developed PicTime,” said Erik Rowland, president of TimeMD, in a release. 

There are already tablet competitors on the market however. Last year Replicon released a customized Galaxy Tab Android tablet called the Replicon CloudClock designed to track employees check in and out times and work hours.


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