Today’s Paper app mimics look and feel of the New York Times print edition

December 6, 2013
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"Today's Paper" app is an outgrowth of an experimental Web app the Times launched in September 2012 optimized for the iPad.

The app includes all sections and articles organized as they are in the print version, along with the same photos, and select video. Users also have the option to access editions from the last seven days.

The NYT said the app was developed using HTML5 and responsive design principles.

This includes optimizing use for both portrait and landscape modes, as well as scrolling navigation, swiping and the ability to read articles offline. 

The Today’s Paper app replaces the Times Web app for the iPad and is accessible on tablet and desktop browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. (NYT also has a native version of its app for iPad.) It’s available, though, only to Times digital subscribers and home delivery customers who link their account to digital access. 


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