The top 7 unanswered questions about Apple’s new iPad

March 8, 2012
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1. What happened to Siri?

Apple’s decision to utilize voice dictation on the keyboard makes a lot of sense, but it’s not clear why the company chose not to include its highly popular AI-driven voice assistant. 

2. What will happen to iPad 2 owners who already have Verizon or AT&T (or Rogers or Bell) 3G wireless accounts?

Will we be able to switch our existing accounts over, or will we have to reset them and start over? When we reached Apple’s phone line to order a new iPad, the customer service agent didn’t know.

Because each iPad has a unique ID for 3G or 4G access, we’re going to bet on having to nullify the existing account, and then setting up a new 4G account. But it’s not 100% clear.

3. How will the new Retina display impact development work?

The new iPad’s double resolution will certainly impact apps, development, and even the App Store. At the very least, we’ll likely see a flurry of app updates through the Spring, and we’ll also likely see increased file sizes.

Of course this also will mean extra work for app developers. For most apps, higher resolution graphics will certainly mean extra time spent developing those visuals.

4. What about MS Office for the new iPad?

Okay, it’s true that Apple probably would never, ever bring Microsoft on stage for its new iPad debut. But it’s a question in the back of everyone’s minds. Not that Apple needs it, but if Microsoft were to finally take the plunge, a 2048 x 1536 resolution tablet is a nice way to debut Office.

5. Will existing accessories work/fit?

Easy answer here based on our conversation with Apple customer service. It’s yes, conditionally. The Smart Cover still fits, and most third-party accessories should work as well.

6. Are there no new business or enterprise offerings for this version of the iPad?

Short term, the answer appears to be no. Apple didn’t spend any time talking about pure business applications. Then again, there aren't that many pressing demands for them. 

7. Is there any momentum at Apple around a 7-inch tablet? 

The day belonged to the same form-factor most people love. But rumors continue to swirl around a 7-inch device. It doesn't look likely that Apple will release a mini iPad anytime soon, but aside from Tim Cook's back-handed compliments for Amazon, the company hasn't really reacted to the notion of a smaller tablet. 


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