Top-grossing developer GungHo limits how much players under 20 can spend on its most lucrative game

December 6, 2013
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Japanese Puzzle & Dragons players under the age of 16 are now capped at about $50 per month, and players 16 to 19 years old can spend no more than approximately $200. The change was spotted by a Tumblr user and the specifics were translated on Twitter.

The match-three game at its peak made $3.75 million every single day. The new restrictions may help younger players with underdeveloped impulse control to spend less, although the spending caps are determined based on an honor system—the game asks players how old they are, and they can answer whatever they want.

Think Gaming estimates that the iOS version alone pulls in roughly $42K a day in the U.S., and it's ranked #24 on the App Store's list of top-grossing apps here. We've reached out to GungHo to find out whether the same spending restrictions are coming to the game in the U.S. and we'll update here if we hear back. (Via GamesBeat)

Update: We've got our answer—and it turns out these restrictions are Japan-only. Head here for the full statement from GungHo.

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