True sharing of files and screens between iPads and Android tablets with MobileSputnik

March 28, 2014

Easy and secure access to documents on the go is a must for any enterprise looking to improve its employees' tablet productivity and MobileSputnik has been delivering this capability. Through iPad and Android apps and web clients for smartphones, Mac and PCs, MobileSputnik offers a comprehensive suite of functions including:

• Login with users’ corporate identity by Active Directory integration
• Secure access, with download/upload ability, to Windows shared folders, SharePoint 2010 and 2013 document libraries
Secure synchronization with files on corporate PC personal FileBox, in a way similar to popular consumer cloud file sync services
Offline mode, with easy switching between online and offline
On-premises MobileSputnik server for secure access of mobile clients to the corporate information resources

A strength of the apps’ intuitive, tap-and-swipe interface is a sophisticated file manager, with a rich set of file operations. Employees can easily locate files in Windows shared folders, on SharePoint libraries and in their personal FileBox.

A swipeable ribbon, at the bottom of the screen, as well as simple swipe between opened screens allow easy access to opened documents.

Also, tablet users can create and fully edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations thanks to an embedded Polaris Office suite.

With the recent launch of version 1.5, MobileSputnik pushes further, enabling tablet users to directly share files, in real time, from one tablet to another.

“Collaborative work with files is usually based on the use of corporate intranet shared file resources like Windows folders and SharePoint”, says Sergey Orlik, Managing Director at Mobile Sputnik. “However mobile tablet users, who are not just outside the workplace, but in external meetings or business trips, often have connection obstacles in exchanging documents via remote corporate infrastructure. MobileSputnik was designed according to these scenarios and allows you to work on documents directly on your mobile device.”

MobileSputnik Direct File Sharing enables mobile workers to use Wi-Fi networks (external or running on a mobile device) anywhere and at any time for instant and secure “dropping” and demonstration of files to each other.

An upcoming new release of MobileSputnik in April extends just-in-time collaboration tools with new Direct Presentation Broadcasting for sharing screens between iPad and Android tablets (you can see it in action).

With these additional capabilities, MobileSputnik is ready to address the challenge of mobilizing the workforce in all categories of organizations across many industries.

As an example of a corporate settings, the following videos demonstrate certified editions of MobileSputnik integrated with Good Dynamics and Citrix Worx enterprise mobility ecosystem platforms:

MobileSputnik for Good: 

MobileSputnik for Citrix:

To learn more about MobileSputnik:
• see the full list of features
• review the solution datasheet
• see videos of MobileSputnik in action on iPad and Android tablets
• run through the Quick start guide

Contact MobileSputnik today to find out how its enterprise mobile platform can help your organization.


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