Tweets suggest the iPad was a popular present over Christmas; the Surface RT tablet not so much

December 27, 2012

Twitter user @axian tweeted the above image after collecting a 24-hour sample of Twitter users “first tweet from [tablets]” from Christmas Eve.

The iPad racked up almost 1,800 tweets in that time, with its nearest rival — Amazon’s Kindle Fire — someway behind with 250 tweets. 100 tweets came from new Google Nexus 7 tablets, while a paltry 36 tweeters owned up to having a Microsoft Surface RT tablet.

However, while these results would indicate a resounding sales victory for Apple's iPad family, it is worth noting that the results are far from scientific.

The research method relied on users not only being Twitter users but also only picked tweets containing certain phrases. For example, as Forbes notes, a tweet like "New iPad Mini! First Tweet!” may not be counted in the findings.


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