Uh oh – looks like Google’s Nexus 10 tablet is a flop

April 17, 2013
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With Google shying away from releasing hard and fast numbers on who has (or hasn’t) bought their devices, mobile analyst Benedict Evans attempted to fill the gap with some recent number-crunching on his blog.

Looking at both the number of active Android users and Google’s development data on screen sizes and display resolutions in use, Evans concluded that there were 6.8 million Nexus 7 tablets in circulation at the end of March, but just 680,000 Nexus 10s.

The Nexus 10 (which is co-developed with Samsung) may have only came to market in December but, nonetheless, the predicted sales figure still pales in comparison with some of the less successful tablets on the market – most notably Microsoft’s Surface RT.

Microsoft was said to have sold just over a million Surface RTs in the five months to March, while even BlackBerry sold 370,000 PlayBooks a quarter at last count.

Google has largely suffered from poor distribution of the Nexus 10. The Android 4.2 tablet, which starts from $399, has only ever been available through the online Google Play store, although that could change if reports are true on Google opening its first retail stores later this year.

These figures are unlikely to deter Google — the search giant is also said to be working on the second-generation Nexus 10.  The successor is believed to have an improved CPU and GPU.


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