UK’s National Health Service prescribes Fujitsu Windows 8 tablets for patient satisfaction survey

October 14, 2013
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Since April 2013, patients have been asked whether they would recommend hospitals and clinics to their friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment.

The program, called the “Friends and Family Test” is being made available in several locations around the UK including Birmingham and Solihull Mental HealthNHS Foundation Trust (BSMHFT) and their partnered charities. The surveys are given out to every patient in every ward in a specially enclosed kiosk. Administrators will use the results to give hospitals a better understanding of what patients need and recommendations on how to make the improvements.

After evaluating the tablet hardware landscape, the NHS settled on a 10.1-inch Fujitsu Q550 running Windows 8. Administrators said the tablets include built-in BIOS hardware and encryption, which complies with security requirements and infrastructure put in place by healthcare environments. Additional security features include a fingerprint reader and smart-card slot, which means only authorised personnel are able to access public information and personal data captured from users.

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Hold that tablet

One aspect, which sets this project aside from similar initiatives, is the form factor of the Fujitsu tablet enclosures. Typical healthcare kiosk design leans toward bulky, freestanding units.

However, having worked alongside leading healthcare specialists, both in terms of technical services and patient experience solutions; the NHS worked with its partner Fr3dom Health and imageHOLDERS to create wall mounted tablet enclosures with a rotate and tilt function.

In order to comply with strict guidelines, the Fujitsu tablets and enclosures use materials such as ABS and antibacterial coatings, to ensure the kiosks are easily cleaned and maintained.

In addition to the Fujitsu mounted kiosks, staff at BSMHFT also have more than 30 handheld tablets that travel around with them to different hospitals and clinics. They also have six standalone kiosks and 11 plasma screens in their busiest sites to show the feedback to their staff, management, and business partners.

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