5 Unique and Unusual Tablet Games

January 13, 2014
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There are a million shooters, matching games, and puzzle games out there for tablets, but what if you’re looking for something a bit different?

Here are five games that should satisfy your hunger for something new and fresh.

The Grading Game


Teachers might want to steer clear of this one—you’ll have soldier-style flashbacks. For those of us not burdened with the task of education, though, The Grading Game is a lot of fun. You take on the role of a Teacher’s Assistant for a particularly harsh teacher. Your job is to fail as many students as possible by finding grammatical mistakes—double words, misspellings, misused words—as possible in as short a time as you can. Somehow this seemingly boring task manages to be fun and immensely replayable. With that said, see if you can find all the mistakes I made in this paragraph.

Super Hexagon


Game over. Begin. Game over. Begin. Game over. Begin. Get used to that sound, interspersed with slammin’ chiptunes, because that’s Super Hexagon. Avoid the incoming lines with your arrow for as long as you can. It starts out easy, but that lasts about 3 seconds before things start to get harder and harder. Super Hexagon is great for a hardcore gamer with a casual gamer’s free time.

Device 6


Developer Simogo is bringing back the text adventure, in a way. You won’t find yourself typing commands, but Device 6 is an engaging, text-driven story that uses the tablet interface better than just about any touch game out there.



You can’t play this alone, but if you get a couple friends with the same mobile operating system as you, Spaceteam is a must-play. Remember all those sci-fi shows over the years where characters would be flipping switches and shouting out made up words? That’s your job now. As a member of the Spaceteam, you’ll be twisting Gravitonic Samoflanges and cranking Isometric Cryoblasters as you try to make it through each sector of space. Space Team is some of the most fun I’ve ever had on a tablet.



The spartan, simple graphics of Hundreds hide some dynamic, mind-bending puzzles that force you to finish them on their terms, rather than waiting for you to make a move. As soon as you start the puzzle, things start moving and if you don’t start moving, too, it’ll be over.


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