U.S. military taps Xplore for over 900 rugged tablets

December 7, 2012
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The Austin, Texas-based company, famous for boasting it builds the world’s most rugged tablets, said the order is for over 900 of its iX104C5M rugged Windows tablets. The Windows 7 tablets (upgradeable to Windows 8) will be delivered over the next several months.

A spokesperson for Xplore said the contract limits what it can say about the deal, such as the value of the order and what other vendors bid. Statements by company execs indicate it’s the first (of what it hopes are many) major military contracts.

“We believe the value proposition of our rugged tablet computer should make it the device of choice for military field applications,” said Philip S. Sassower, Xplore’s Chairman and CEO. “We believe that this purchase order is an initial indication of our potential in the military sector.” 

Xplore targets markets such as utility, warehousing/logistics, public safety, field service, transportation, manufacturing, route delivery, military and homeland security.

“We expect this order to be the first in a series of purchase orders for the U.S. military involving the delivery of several thousand devices, improving our footprint in the military space,” said Mark Holleran, Xplore’s President and COO.

Holleran added that the company’s iX104C5M in particular “is the best tablet for use in military deployments” because of its ability to support special operations, manage workflows on the flight line and deliver real-time data to mobile field units.



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