Analyst: iPads could replace laptops in enterprise this year

January 21, 2013

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Thill said that the iPad has 'become an enterprise device’, and implied that the tablet's role within the enterprise could grow significantly in the future.

“The iPad has become an enterprise device. One of our predictions this year is that the iPad will become your portable computer, and that you will have a loading dock at work to plug [the iPad] it into a monitor.”

Looking at Apple’s competitors, Thill, who recently cut his forecast for Surface shipments, said that Microsoft is currently struggling with Windows 8 and its Surface tablet.

“They’re in a tough position right now with Windows 8, Surface and the current quarter," said the UBS analyst. The Surface is new, and it’s been tough out of the gate for them. But that’s only going to improve over time."


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