Video claims to be first look at redesigned, easier to hold, iPad 5

September 4, 2013
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The video by Unbox Therapy shows a narrower form factor (about half a quarter coin narrower on each side or 1.5 centimeters overall), though the viewable screen size, which now goes closer to the edge of the unit, is the same 9.7-inches as current iPads.

Other features borrow from the iPad mini including upgraded speakers and, with the new form factor, the ability for someone, as the narrator says, with “normal to large hands” to hold the device with one hand.

Apple doesn’t comment on unannounced products. New iPads were at one time rumored to be set for release in September, but now a September 10 event Apple has planned is looking like it will focus on new iPhone models.

A new iPad (full size) as well as a new iPad mini are both expected to be announced in October.


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