Vitalyst launches a kind of MayDay help support button for Windows 8 tablets

March 31, 2014
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MayDay is a tech support app for Kindle Fire HDX users that lets you click to summon an Amazon tech support person in a little video chat window.

Vitalyst isn’t as in-your-face, but its app for Windows 8 computers and tablets lets you click to have a tech support person call you right back and help with any problems, 24 x 7 with the option to have them take over your screen to walk through the issue. You can store up to three contact phone numbers in the app and then just select the one you want them to call you on for a particular issue (for example, you might typically have them call your work phone, but a cell number is likely going to make more sense if you're mobile). 

You also have the option of calling the traditional 800# for support, which can be particularly useful when you can’t see your screen or some other issue where the computer isn’t working or there are connectivity issues.

Unlike Amazon’s MayDay, Vitalyst’s app offers live support geared toward business users that subscribe to Vitalyst's help desk services (the app itself is free).

"Within the corporate help desk arena, there is a lot of focus now on driving employees to self-help, but this isn’t the right answer for many situations,” said Jim Tate, client solutions director for Vitalyst. “There are many business situations that require the assistance of a live expert-level support person, and we know this because we take these calls all day, every day.

The Vitalyst technicians will also be able to screen share or see a direct feed on your screen when they are assisting you.

The company says the “productivity consultants” who handle the support calls “are carefully screened and trained to handle corporate owned or issued (BYOD) devices.” 

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