Wannabe editors can now create personalized magazines on Flipboard

March 27, 2013

The new update is for both iPad and iPhone (an Android version is expected to come in the next month) and allows users to add favorite articles to their magazines simply by pressing the ‘+’ button when in the app.

Flipboard has also released a bookmarklet so that users can save content to these magazines when perusing the web.

Users will be able to search for other magazines using the new 'Content Search' feature, which can drill down by topic, person or hashtag, and can then subscribe to the magazine of their choice.

The magazine's creator will subsequently receive a notification about the new reader, although they can opt to delete the magazine or make if private for their viewing only.

Crucially, the opportunity to create personalized magazines is not confined to singular readers, with Flipboard also now enabling big-name titles like Rolling Stone, The Guardian and Vanity Fair to publish mini magazines with their own advertising.

The personalized magazines feature isn’t the only significant new feature on Flipboard. Users can now comment on articles and interact with other Flipboard users with @mentions, much like they would on Twitter, and there is now a ‘More to Read’ section for personalized articles based on your social interactions.

But perhaps the most surprising new feature is the new-found ability for Flipboard readers to make online purchases when in the app. This is a result of the company’s partnership with social commerce site Etsy, but further details at scarce at this point in time.

Flipboard for iPad is free and available to download from the App Store.

Flipboard has been phenomenally successfully since first launching for the iPad at the end of 2010.

The company now claims to have 50 million users (note: it is not clear how many of these are actually active), up from 20 million in August, while Mike McCue’s company took its first steps outside the walled garden of iOS when it launched its first Android version in June of last year. A version for Android tablets was released at the end of last year.

Update – TabTimes has created two custom magazines in Flipboard, with a selection of our best articles. Check them out and subscribe to them:


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