Want to advertise on the Kindle Fire? That’ll cost you $600,000

May 18, 2012
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According to Ad Age, this lump sum will see your ad campaigns run for two months, and will also see your ad included in Amazon's own “Special Offers” advertising, which doesn't seem an awful lot giving the price.

But there’s more. Ad Age says that agencies willing to splash out up to $1 million will get even more ad inventory in the "Special Offers" section and will also be included as part of Amazon’s “public-relations push”, which – for all we know – could be anything from a couple of press releases to a full-blown marketing campaign.

In fairness to Amazon, giving the popularity of the $199 Kindle Fire, the firm may yet get some business, which would be handy given Jeff Bezos' firm sells the device at a loss. Advertisers might also be attracted on the back of reports from the likes of Millennial Media and Jumptap, who have both reported strong figures for the Fire in regard to tablet ad traffic.

Meanwhile, in related Amazon news, new rumors surfaced this week on when the next Kindle Fire will come to market. Previously, there have been reports of as many as four Kindle Fires, in a variety of sizes, being launched before the end of the year, although this latest report only indicates one model as to being ready for release later in 2012.


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