Want to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro? Do it this month or face paying up to $200

January 21, 2013

Detailing the news in a blog post, Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc said that the Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition will be available online and in retail for $199.99 from next month, with the standard Windows 8 version to cost $119.99.

LeBlond added that the Windows 8 Pro Pack will cost $99.99 to existing Windows 8 users and said that the Windows 8 Media Center Pack will be available at $9.99. The Media Pack comes free as standard to Windows 8 Pro users.

The cost of upgrading to Windows 8 Pro has been set at $39.99 online and at $69.99 through retail for existing Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 users since October, but the move to increase this fee could well help Microsoft boost Windows 8 sales.

Windows 8 has been labelled as a slow burner since launch, with one report claiming that sales have been below Microsoft's own expectations.


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