Watch Telltale Games talk about ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ for almost an hour

March 10, 2014
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During the panel Telltale shared that Tales from the Borderlands will follow two characters: a con artist named Fiona, and Rhys, a cybernetic arm-equipped Hyperion employee who works for Borderlands 2 villain Handsome Jack.

The story will alternate between the two characters, who each narrate a different version of events. It will also alternate between exploration and action gameplay, with shooting sequences done in typical Telltale fashion.

Unfortunately Telltale declined to discuss what platforms Tales from the Borderlands will appear on, even when the audience pushed during the Q&A part of the panel. Given the studio's track record, though, tabets seem a likely destination.

Watch the full panel below and you'll know as much as anyone about Telltale's next adventure game series.


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