What the … Windows 8 MetroUI clone appears on Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet

March 29, 2012
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The developer site, xda-developers.com has posted an Android theme that looks very similar to the tile-oriented Metro user interface Microsoft’s developed for Windows 8 tablets. Tip of the hat to The Verge for spotting it earlier today. 

The Android software, shown running on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, is still in beta, but is designed to work with the Honeycomb version of Android as well as the newer Ice Cream Sandwich release. The release, by xda-developer member BroBot175, currently supports the Galaxy Tab 10.1, though support for other Android tablets is planned. 

To be clear, this has nothing to do with running Windows 8 applications on an Android tablet, but to the UI elements, specifically the use of tiles, similar to the Metro interface. 

“The theme allows you to make your homescreen look like Windows 8 Metro. it also themes your notifications panel and taskbar to fit with the MetroUI,” the developer explains.

The theme is “based off the new look of Windows 8 and bits of Windows phone” he’s careful to explain, i.e. it’s not a copy. 


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