Why CEO of enterprise software maker Yapmo is sold on Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet for business

November 9, 2012
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The most obvious difference is that Surface includes Microsoft Office and offers a choice of “Type” and “Touch” covers for typing on the tablet. And of course, the Windows 8 Live Tiles interface is quite different than iOS.

Paul Everton, CEO of enterprise software maker Yapmo, says he expected the Surface to have limited utility, primarily as a device he could use to present his company’s software.

But after putting the Surface through its paces, Everton ended up rating it the best tablet for business in a review in the Huffington Post.

Among his reasons:

  • The inclusion of Office means he can use the Surface instead of a notebook.
  • The inclusion of a USB connector (which the iPad lacks) that lets him plug a presentation in stored on a thumb drive and give a presentation. “Surface handles USB native file browsing beautifully.”
  • And perhaps the most important Surface feature for Everton is its file system.

“iPad's inability to share files between apps is frustrating and ridiculous,” says Everton.

“With Surface if someone sends me a Word document and I want to download it to a folder and access it with 10 other programs I can do it with ease! This is another place the Surface wins hands down!”



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