Why Nota thinks MOOCs on tablets will be a very big deal for business (video)

October 21, 2013
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Upstart Nota says it's been talking with customers in the military, universities and other organizations for its namesake cloud-based solution that lets you easily share training and instruction materials, including videos, with remote tablet and desktop users in real time.

“Training online used to be boring, now we’re making it an exciting space,” boasts William Cockayne, CEO and founder of Nota who presented at the recent DEMO conference. Though its focus has been on education, Cockayne says enterprise is proving to be a “sweet spot” for the company.

Nota, which works on Android or iPad tablets as well as PCs, is designed to let you create a collaborative space, a MOOC, in as little as a minute.

From the opening screen you can tap on an annotation drawer to bring in images, videos, Powerpoints, or web links, like a wikipedia reference, directly into the MOOC without having to switch to another app.

The finished product can be shared on the Web in read-only format or limited to a set distribution list.

You can also access the camera function from within Nota to create a video such as an introductory message about the content.

Nota has been in beta pilots for the past year. The finished version is now available as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service for $3 per user per month, and is also available on-premise where the customer runs the service from their own private cloud.


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