Why tablets play a unique role in consumers’ mobile trifecta

March 20, 2013

Deloitte’s just released 7th edition of its “State of the Media Democracy” survey shows a 160% growth in the group it calls Digital Omnivores, consumers who own a trio of  tablets, smartphones and laptops. 

This group represents more than a quarter of U.S. consumers. Consulting firm Deloitte surveyed the generational preferences of 2,100 consumers aged 14 and older.

Among those surveyed, tablet ownership increased 177% over the past year and almost a third of tablet owners said it’s now one of their top three most preferred consumer electronic devices. Smartphone ownership increased by 28%, while Deloitte says laptop penetration stayed “strong.”

On the demographic side, tablet adoption isn't limited to younger age groups. Deloitte's survey found that 32% of Boomers and 31% of "Matures" rank tablets in their top three most valued products.

Tablet users surveyed stream movies 70% more often than non-tablet owners and they say they intend to watch movies more than any other video content over the next 12 months.

Tablet users: 'Must go faster'

Another interesting info bite from the survey is that over half of all consumers are willing to pay a premium for faster Internet connection, with tablet and smartphone owners more inclined to pay for faster connections as they look to consume more content via the Internet.

"Digital technology has emphatically triumphed in its penetration of the modern consumer lifestyle," said Gerald Belson, vice chairman of Deloitte LLP and U.S. Media & Entertainment sector leader.

"While that trend line has been well documented, the surprise is how thoroughly digital tools have become essential across all age groups and consumer applications in the past year. This new reality creates opportunities – and an imperative – for organizations to differentiate themselves by utilizing multiple platforms to reach prospects and serve their customers."


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