Why TabTimes is launching a site devoted to tablet games

December 10, 2013

While TabTimes has always focused on work and productivity related to tablets, there is no denying that tablets are primarily consumer devices, and that gaming has quickly emerged as the dominate usage. On tablets, gaming now stands out far above what was initially described as “media consumption” and, from a business perspective, it’s much bigger than social media on tablets.

While tablet games have grown into a very large business, media hasn’t paid much attention to them. Major gaming news sites, which cover all platforms, sometimes have a Mobile category. At best, they devote sections to iOS and Android. But never, ever do they consider tablet games as a distinct category.

But let me tell you: they are.

Tablet games are not just mobile games, no more than tablets are just large smartphones. Screen size, which has a major impact on the user experience, is one reason. Usage patterns – with more time spent at home, on a wifi network. during evenings and weekends, with much longer sessions than smartphones – is another.

Higher propensity to buy is a third one. Broader age range penetration – from very young children to older people – is a fourth one. The OS share distribution – iOS still keeping a much stronger lock on the higher end of the tablet market, Amazon taking the crown within the Android market, and Windows tablets growing in popularity have resulted in a far more diverse and interesting ecosystem than smartphone gaming – is a fifth one.

Clearly, tablet games are a market of their own.

As stock brokers say, in the long term, the market is never wrong. Whether you play or not on your own tablet, you better pay attention to how the new generation of consumers and workers use the device, and how developers and publishers push its limits to design immersive experiences and unlock consumers’ purse.

Game on

This is why, today, we are officially launching TabTimes Games, the only information source focused on tablet gaming. Its mission has two sides:
1) Pointing tablet users – not only so-called hardcore gamers – to the best tablet games; and
2) Offering business insights into the tablet gaming market – for both the professionals who operate in this market (mostly game developers and publishers) and for the business and tech professionals who are curious about it, and are open to learn from it.

Michael Rougeau, who has already covered games for several quality game news sites, including Kotaku, GamesRadar, is leading this effort as our new Games Editor. He explains what you can expect to read and see on TabTimes Games. Several contributors will join him soon and TabTimes founding editor George Jones — now chief consultant at Hit Detection–  will contribute a tablet Game of the Week column every Saturday.

We are glad to launch this new site in partnership with the Entertainment Consumer Association (ECA), which acts as a voice for gamers in the US and Canada.

You don’t care about games? That’s fine. Our gaming content won’t be mixed with our productivity-oriented coverage. You will only find it in a separate section, with its own color pattern, accessible through its own home page at TabTimes.com/games, its own twitter feed @TabTimesGames, and its own free newsletters: Tablet Games, delivered every Saturday (sign up for it before January 7, 2014, and you’ll automatically be entitled to a free one-year membership to the ECA – a $20 value), and Tablet Game Business, delivered every month. (Subscribers to our iPad, Android and Windows specific newsletters, though, will see, in their newsletter, articles relating to games available on their OS of choice.) On TabTimes’ main home page, you will only see a small window into our latest games articles.

TabTimes is still fully committed to helping professionals and business people do more, work smarter and better their business through tablets and apps. But if you’re curious about the fastest growing industry built on tablets – and are not against having some fun – we invite you to give a peek at TabTimes Games.


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