Why we redesigned TabTimes into a tablet-first daily guide

September 13, 2013
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If you’ve been here before, you may recognize our signature blue color and font of our headlines. But except for these, TabTimes is all new. We have redesigned our site from the ground up so that it’s faster to load, easier to navigate and more pleasant to read – whatever your device.

These changes reflect the rapid growth in our traffic from tablets and mobile. While we initially addressed tablet readers with specific apps for iPad and Windows 8 tablets, this was not enough: as The Tablet Authority, our website had to turn to a tablet-first approach. Here is the result of six months of hard work by our designers and developers.

We now use responsive design so that the look of each page adapts to the width of your browser. (Want to see it work? On a tablet or phone, just change the orientation of your screen; on a PC, reduce the width of your browser window.)

On our home page, we are now presenting our latest articles as tiles. (Thank you, Windows 8, for the concept.) They don’t all look alike: within the the stream of news, larger images and colored headers allow you to quickly spot the in-depth features, reviews and how-to articles, as well as columns and analyses.

On top of all pages, a navigation bar gives you easy access to three OS hubs: Android, iPad/iOS and Windows 8. If you only have one tablet and are mostly interested in what to do with it, bookmark the OS hub page matching your device and sign up for the corresponding newsletter (TabTimes for Android, TabTimes for iPad, TabTimes for Windows): two to three times a week, you will then receive just the news, reviews and advice that are of interest to you.

If you’re more interested in how tablets and apps are used in some verticals or business functions, then our new menu page points you to hub pages for the main verticals: Education, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Media, Sales, Marketing, etc.

In article pages, you’ll always see the content you are looking for in the widest column, in the center of the page, with a large, easy-to-read font. All articles mentioning apps will list them at the bottom of the article, with an icon for each OS these apps are available on. This is part of our tablet-first focus: we make it easy for you to immediately test, on your tablet, the apps we talk about.

If you’re reading articles on a tablet or a PC, you will see, in a column on the right side, the full list of our latest articles, allowing you to jump to another story without coming back to our home page. (On a smartphone, that same list will show below the article, when you scroll down.)

Our commenting system has changed: we are now using Disqus, which has been used by many tech sites over the years, so some of you probably have a Disqus account. If you don’t, you can log in through your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook account. We hope this change will foster more interesting, productive and useful exchanges about tablets, apps and mobile productivity. If you had posted comments on our site as a TabTimes member before this redesign launch, don’t worry: all previous comments are still displayed on the site. (On a related note, all TabTimes members – not only Pro members – now have access to Videos & documents from our conferences.)

These design and functional changes make our site more accessible, friendlier and easier to engage with – just like a daily companion should be. Every day, we’re working hard to show you how tablets and apps can be used, for your benefit and the benefit of your organization, for your work and for your life. New apps to discover and try, new devices to be on the lookout for, tablet tips for you and strategic advice for your organization, hot trends in mobile productivity: this is what TabTimes brings you on a daily basis.

We greatly appreciate the support you are showing us in reading us more and more, and we hope this redesigned site will fit even better in your regular reading habits.

Tell us what you think – via an ultra-short online form for comments about the site design, or directly at patrick (at) tabtimes.com for content or more general comments.


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