Will lower priced tablets spark the next Angry Birds?

October 25, 2011

On the Move Systems (OMVS) is one of many companies that see a big opportunity in tablets, especially with the release of lower cost devices like ViewSonic's ViewPad 7e released today and Amazon’s Kindle Fire coming out soon; both priced at $199.99.  Both devices are based on Google's Android which Strategy Analytics estimates holds a 27% share of the tablet market. 

The government of India also announced plans to distribute an Android-based $35 tablet called the Aakash to schools at the subsidized price of $35; consumers will be able to buy the Aakash for only $60. 

"It's getting easier and more affordable to own a tablet, and each of the millions of consumers that buys one is going to need innovative mobile apps and content to personalize his or her device,” OMVS CEO Patrick Brown said in a release. “By providing a wide range of mobile content to tablet users, OMVS will be poised for explosive growth as this market continues to develop."

Earlier this month, OMVS formed a joint venture with mobile content provider Spud McCool Media Inc. Brown said that together the two companies hope to create the next Angry Birds or Pandora. Industry forecasts peg the market for mobile apps to reach $7.68 billion by the end of this year.

Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin agrees that lower prices will grow the tablet market, but their design and hardware will go a long way towards dictating how useful or compelling any new app is. 

“What we’re seeing with the iPad is that these devices can be used for real computing and productivity; that’s not what the low end tablet category is focused on right now,” Bajarin told TabTimes. 

“There’s a lot of potential, but right now these are relatively simple devices," he added. "And then when you talk about 7-inch, smaller screens, it gets harder to do general purpose kinds of tasks, they’re better for specific applications like as an E-Reader or media consumption device.” 


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