Windows 8 is not ready to be released, claims Intel chief Paul Otellini

September 26, 2012

Sources at that meeting told Bloomberg that Otellini claimed that Windows 8 has too many bugs and is being released before its ready. The chipmaker's CEO did however add that Microsoft will add improvements to the operating system after it ships.

Although it’s unclear how the Redmond software maker could address wholesale changes, The Verge reports that the company is already readying an update to Windows, codenamed 'Blue'. This update is likely to come in after a year and apparently will make tweaks to the Windows 8 start screen interface.

Both Intel and Microsoft were quick to put their own PR spin on this news after it broke, with Intel officially commenting that it sees Windows 8 as a “significant opportunity across the board”.

Microsoft responded to the news by saying that the OS is the “most tested, reviewed and ready operating system in Microsoft’s history.”

Windows 8 was released to Microsoft’s manufacturing partners at the start of last month and is due to go on general release on October 26. The first tablets running Windows 8, from Microsoft and Lenovo, are expected to debut in the same week.

Intel is hosting an event on Windows 8 tablets based on its Clover Trail processor in San Francisco tomorrow.


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