Windows 8 Phone dominates Nokia event; rumored tablet is nowhere to be seen

September 5, 2012

CEO Stephen Elop introduced the event by saying that the firm recognized at the start of last year that the mobile business was to be a war based on ecosystems, and not on devices. Around the same time Elop famously warned Nokia that it was sitting on a “burning platform”, comments which preceded the firm's move to partner with Microsoft.

Shortly after extolling the virtues of previous Lumia phones like the 800 and 900, Nokia introduced the Lumia 920; a 4.5-inch model with the Windows 8 Phone OS, a dual-core Snapdragon S4 1.5 processor, an 8MP PureView camera and offering wireless charging.

Nokia spent much time at the event promoting the phone's display and wireless charging, and also detailed that the Lumia 920 taps into augmented reality via Nokia Maps and CityLens, an augmented reality app.

Demos at the press conference showed off what can be expected from Windows 8 Phone OS, and features include the ability to resize tiles, link to apps on the home screen and, for the first time, to take screenshots on Microsoft's mobile operating system.

However, for all the excitement over the new Lumias, the event didn't include Nokia’s highly-anticipated Windows 8 tablet, which had been rumored prior to the press conference.

Elop responded to this rumor by hinting that a model might be coming to market at some point in future. "We haven't announced any plans to make a tablet but I think the opportunity is very clear. 

"People today increasingly are looking for a common digital experience between their smartphone and tablet, with a PC, and with their gaming platform, and so there’s clearly an opportunity across there. This is something that we’re looking at very closely.”


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