Windows 8 launch sees Microsoft and developers focus on apps

October 25, 2012

Ahead of the launch party, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Windows Web Services Antoine Leblond took to an event in the UK to stress that quality, and not quantity, apps will be the focus for the Windows Store.

Speaking to several journalists at the show, Leblond said that Microsoft’s focus is not of “filling the store”, but then did somewhat contradict that by saying that Windows 8 will have more apps in the store than any other platform had at launch.

(Note: this last claim is a bit of a gray area, especially if you’re including existing desktop apps which, for one example, won’t be able to run on Windows RT tablets).

"The one thing you won’t hear us spending much time or any time about is an absolute count of apps, and that’s because it’s a tricky number to wrap your head around," said LeBlond.

Away from Microsoft’s claims and several developers were readying their apps ahead of the release.

Google announced its Google Search Windows 8 app, small games developer Lightwood Games revealed it would be bringing its puzzle iOS games across to the new OS, while TabTimes revealed media giants The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal had released their respective apps on Windows Store.

As an industry, media seems to have been particular aggressive about Windows 8. The Financial Times already has an app in the store, Condé Nast has launched apps for its Wired and The New Yorker magazines, with news aggregator News360 also to announce a Windows 8 tablet app on Friday.

Some app developers prefer to wait, however. “Windows 8 definitely looks interesting for us and we're going to explore the options”, Readdle marketing director Denys Zhadanov told TabTimes.

“There is a good fit between Readdle Productivity apps and Windows 8 audience. But we are not in the Windows AppStore yet, nor started developing for it. But we do think there is a great potential for that.”

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has even got in on the act of enticing developers, and attended a small event in San Francisco last month to list the benefits of the new operating system to a roomful of developers.

The Windows 8 event is due to start at 10 a.m. ET today. Stay here with TabTimes to keep up to date on all the news from the launch.


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