Motion Computing says biz demand is still strong for Windows 7 tablets

March 8, 2013

The company, based out of Austin, Texas, was exhibiting a collection of tablets at the Insight Technology Show in London today, where it stressed that demand remains strong for Windows 7, despite the release of Windows 8.

“Windows 8 is great for us, but some customers realize that there are limitations with it,” said Motion Computing's Northern Europe country manager Ian Davies.

“Today, our customers say that Windows 7 is what they need. A lot of them are still transitioning from XP and some research suggests that businesses will skip Windows 8 altogether and go to Windows 9.”

Motion, which confirmed at the show that it has fitted third-gen Ivy Bridge processors to the J3600 tablet and enhanced screen technology (Hydis’ AFFS+ technology) to the F5, says that it will be upgrading more models to Windows 8, but has no plans to adopt Windows RT.

“We won’t go to Windows RT at all – not one customer has asked for it,” said Davies.


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