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Most unconventional Android devices of all time
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4K on tablets: do we need it?
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Has the mobile ship sailed for Microsoft?
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Acer Aspire Switch 10E Hands On Impressions
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Best cheap Android tablets (June 2015)
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Microsoft announces new Surface Pro 3 model with Intel Core i7 for $1299

July 3, 2015
Microsoft is offering a new Surface Pro 3 model which offers the power of the Intel Core i7 at a cheaper price. Is the internal storage sacrifice worth it? Let's find out!
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Has the mobile ship sailed for Microsoft?

July 1, 2015
Does Microsoft really have any prospect of fighting its way back into the mobile scene? Can Windows 10 succeed where previous releases have failed? We discuss Microsoft and mobile.
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Acer Aspire Switch 10E Hands On Impressions

June 25, 2015
Hands on first impressions of the Acer Aspire Switch 10E Windows 2-in-1, which costs just $280, offers 4 different display modes and impressive performance.
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Running Windows 10 preview? You’ll get the Windows 10 upgrade for free

June 22, 2015
Microsoft has announced that early adopters of Windows 10 will not be left out in the cold. Registered Insider users of Windows 10 Preview will upgrade for free.
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E3 2015 hub: see our mobile gaming coverage in one place

June 18, 2015
Android Authority is attending E3 for the first time and this is where you can see all our coverage from the biggest gaming expo in the world!
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LG Minibeam Nano: a tiny, affordable projector for your smartphone

June 17, 2015
Enter the LG Minibeam Nano, which the manufacturer claims is the "smallest, lightest and most affordable projector to date".
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Which tablet platform is right for you?

June 17, 2015
Which is the right tablet platform for you? Is it the iPad? A Windows tablet? Or an Android tablet? We help you decide which platform is best for your needs
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Tablets: why we don’t love them anymore, but (maybe) we should

June 16, 2015
Tablet sales are falling despite what were once lofty expectations and brisk sales. What is causing the conundrum, and why might you still want to consider one?
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Surface Pro 3 Battery Life and 5 ways to improve it

June 15, 2015
Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is quoted as offering up to 9 hours battery life, placing it firmly in ultrabook category. But just how long does the battery last and how can you improve it?
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What do you want out of your next tablet keyboard? A look at new and future keyboards

June 13, 2015
Join us for a little brain storming and look at what could be your next tablet keyboard. Touchpad, programmable, projection, these keyboards may be exactly what you want.
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