Workers can’t live without their computer, but tablets are becoming more important

November 1, 2011

Intermedia asked business people to choose between their computer, smartphone, TV and tablet, as if they were on a desert island.

The survey was carried out by Harris Interactive and was conducted online in the US in May among 1,345 full/part-time employed adults aged 18 and above.

The report revealed that 52-percent would keep their computer, while 23-percent and 19-percent would choose their smartphone and TV, respectively. Just 6-percent would choose to keep their tablet.

“We expect our survey results to be dramatically different one year from now”, said Michael Gold, president of Intermedia.

"More and more business people are discovering that smartphones and tablets offer the same set of business capabilities as their computers – from secure email, to applications, to conferencing.

“For this reason, Intermedia has seen an explosion in smartphone and tablet adoption in our customer base – with tablet activations increasing by 119-percent in the four months from May to September. Executives want to access their productivity tools and information from all their devices, wherever they are”.


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