Wunderlist Pro review: Simple, effective to-do list app for personal or business use

May 7, 2013

Wunderlist is a simple but effective to-do list app for iOS, Android, web and Windows and has picked up significant traction over the last 18 months, reaching around four million users in total.

But with that rise has come one problem. Users have thus far been unable to share to-do items with colleagues, friends or family.

Thankfully, Berlin-based developer 6Wunderkinder has rectified that with Wunderlist Pro, a premium bolt-on service for the app which boasts the usual Wunderlist features and now the ability to assign tasks to other people.

TabTimes took a look at the app on iPad and the web to see if this is something your business should be investing in.

Web and iPad sync seamlessly together

So, how does Wunderlist Pro work? Well, after upgrading to the premium service on the web, it's all pretty straightforward.

Starting with the web version, I signed into my Wunderlist account and landed on the home screen, which displays incoming items and to-do lists on the left and a field for creating new tasks on the right.

This right-sided box fills up most of the screen but simply invites you to click on it to start filing your latest task, but the left window offers a little more. At the top, there is a small bell icon for activity center alerts and another symbol for syncing lists across all your Wunderlist apps. Further down that left-sided panel and there options for settings, to tell friends about Wunderlist, and to log-out from the app.

The iPad app is vertically identical in layout and it too has a split-screen approach and the same tools for creating to-do items, new lists and ticking these off.

In both cases, simplicity is the key with Wunderlist and that extends to typing the to-do items. For instance, when you write in the text field on the web, just three icons appear to the right — a calendar, a star and an option for assigning the task to someone else.

Note: The iPad app only shows the calendar and the star icons, you'll have to double-tap on the task to bring up the assign to feature.

Starring an item sets it aside in the starred to-do list, while calendar option allows users to set due dates and reminders. Double-clicking on an item brings up a detailed view of your task, including notes and related subtasks, which is another new feature.

Pressing enter on the keyboard of your iPad or desktop will automatically save the item, but Wunderlist does also automatically save items, as has become the norm with other productivity apps like Evernote and OneNote. Syncing is incredibly fast so your lists should be up-to-date wherever you look.

Both versions allow users to create personalized lists on Wunderlist Pro and, as well as adding items into these as you would with any other to-do item, you can also send these to friends and colleagues via email or Facebook.

To do this, you just need to hit the people icon at the bottom of the page and this will invite friends to create, remove and tick-off items, but only in the list designated to them. You can add friends by email or by integrating the app with Facebook.

Conclusion: A useful app with a lot of potential

Wunderlist Pro is a very effective and easy-to-use app that, when considering its price and relative simplicity, is probably best suited to SMBs and small enterprise teams.

The ability to share items sees Wunderlist jump into the world of enterprise task management, an area already occupied by the likes of EvernoteFlow, Podio, Toodledo, Things and others.

The good news is that Wunderlist has useful improvements in the works. One specific one due out soon is going to be the ability to attach files to your to-do items and share these with work colleagues.

There are some other aspects I'd like to see improved. For example, one of the frustrations I had was that if you created an item in your email list, you couldn’t designate this to work, personal or any other folder. Furthermore, on sending a list with items (and subtasks) via email, recipients would get a tick box for the task, but wouldn't actually be able to click on these within email to complete the tasks.

Wunderlist Pro is now available for $4.99 per user a month or $49.99 a year. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and for the web.


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