Wunderlist to target business teams with new to-do list apps for iOS, Mac and web

April 18, 2013

The developer announced Wunderlist Pro this week and while it decided against revealing the full features of the service, it did say users will be able view their own chores as well as those “assigned to me” by co-workers or managers – apparently the “most requested” feature from Wunderlist users.

Users will also be able to add accountability to shared lists, view what tasks the rest of their team are in charge of and make use of “unlimited subtasks” and “new and exclusive backgrounds”. There will be more tools coming in future, with 6 Wunderkinder saying that version 1.0 is essentially a “launching pad” for more features going forward.

Wunderlist Pro is expected to launch sometime next week for $4.99 per month or for $44.99 per year. These prices are per person, although the developer says that group billing will be coming in future. Wunderlist Pro apps will first arrive for Mac, iPhone, iPad and web, followed by Android and Windows.

The good news for existing Wunderlist users is that the conventional service will remain free.


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