Yahoo has launched its own cross-platform Game Network and a Classic Games site

March 20, 2014
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First and foremost is the Yahoo Games Network, by which Yahoo will help distribute games by third-party developers who take advantage of its software development kit. The network features everything expected: player authentication, monetization features, social sharing, analytics, and, of course, plenty of room for growth.

Meanwhile Yahoo's Classic Games site features online and social games that work in browsers across PCs and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The site features Yahoo's own games as well as games from third parties, many of which are probably technically old enough to be considered classics. Maybe.

Apparently Yahoo is hoping to capture something of the excitement surrounding browser games that existed before app stores took over; not an easy feat, but they're not the only ones, either. Yahoo says Rumble Entertainment, DreamWorks, SGN, ChangYou, Namco Bandai America, Playtika, FlowPlay, Con Artist Games, and many others are on board.

The company says it can reach 800 million potential players, 400 million of which are on mobile. It remains to be seen how many of those players want to be reached. (via The Next Web)




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