Yankee Group picks mobile winners and losers for 2014

February 19, 2014

The research firm says poor user experience continues to hurt adoption of mobile CRM (customer relationship management) solutions.

“There’s plenty of room for improvement,” said Yankee Group principal analyst Chris Marsh in a webinar Tuesday detailing the firm’s top ten enterprise mobility predictions for 2014.

Marsh said mobile CRM will succeed if they move away from a siloed approach and provide better integration with user's calendar, email and other apps. “For example, if a user gets a call it should be be logged into a mobile CRM at the close of the call,” said Marsh. “A lot of the current solutions are trying to replicate the desktop experience.”

Another interesting forecast for 2014 is that “enterprise IT will remain largely unchanged by mobility.”

(Deploying and managing tablets and apps will be one of the key focuses of the Tablet Strategy conference in New York on May 6. If you work for a corporate end-user, you may qualify for a free pass.)

Core enterprise IT hasn't changed

Sure tablets and BYOD have had a big impact in the way knowledge workers and others perform their job, but Yankee Group’s survey of companies finds that not a lot has changed in the core operations of enterprise IT.

“The number of devices in employee’s hands has grown,” said Marsh. “But the core enterprise IT suppliers remain the same, it hasn’t changed much.

He added that companies will continue to evaluate and adopt new solutions and the complexity and security concerns from last year continue.

Furthermore, Marsh said that companies with a comprehensive mobile strategy and those who are rethinking their application architectures to take advantage of mobile stand to succeed in the year ahead and beyond.

A key is this idea of a comprehensive mobile strategy that brings real change, not just having a set of policies that covers how mobile devices are used or deployed.

And that doesn’t mean investing heavily in mobile without first making a clear business case. “Enterprises are fearful of a weak ROI with mobile and they’re quite careful in their evaluation of vendors,” said Marsh.

Is that justified?

It can be. "There's a lot of hype around mobile", said Marsh.

Yankee Group's top 10 enterprise mobile predictions for 2014

  1. Enterprise IT will remain largely unchanged by mobilty

  2. Enterprise ‘Mobile Strategy’ will continue to just mean basic policy

  3. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Will close the gap with the Android-Apple duopoly

  4. Big IT will drive consolidation of EMM, API Management, MADTs and ALM

  5. Solution providers prioritizing integrated DevOps will become market leaders

  6. The leading mobile application platforms will extensively support open standards

  7. Poor user experience will pop mobile CRM’s bubble

  8. The market for "Beacon" solutions will boom as enterprises search for hyper-local context 

  9. Enterprise software giants will spur M2M M&A

  10. Systems Integrators target the enterprise wearable technology market

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