You can now use BlackBerry Messenger on your iPad

November 15, 2013
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Providing iPad and iPod users are running at least iOS 6, the new unified iOS app (free, iTunes) will allow these folk to send both personal and group messages to their BBM contacts.

The new and improved app also fixes a previous bug where users were missing contact names and makes it easier for users to find friends and to invite contacts to group conversations.

That last change has also been applied to the firm’s Android app, which has received a few notable changes too. The application (free, Google Play) is now apparently easier on device battery life and makes it simpler for users to sort and filter through BBM group lists.

BlackBerry Messenger has historically only been available on BlackBerry handsets but the company’s recent troubles – the firm is still looking for a buyer – has forced it to push some services onto rival platforms.

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