YouSendIt brings cloud storage to iPad and Android

December 14, 2011
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The free version of YouSendIt allows users to use the service across mobile, desktop and web clients, but limits usage to one 50MB document at a time, 2GB of cloud storage and five free digital signatures.

The premium version offers 5MB of memory  and supports up to ten digital signatures for $9.99 a month ($49.99 a year), while the Pro plus version offers unlimited storage and signatures for $14.99 a month (or $149.99 a year).

The apps have a strong focus on security, with a ‘passcode lock’ feature allowing only iOS owners to see certain documents, while YouSendIt also promises to encrypts files "in transit", ensuring that private documents remain private.

In addition to launching the iOS and Android apps, YouSendIt has also updated its iPhone and Windows desktop apps, while a Mac desktop version is now in beta.

The cloud storage market is heating up, with the likes of Box, Carbonite, Dropbox and DocuSign, among others, all competing in this space. However, YouSendIt is adamant that it offers a professional service, as opposed to the consumer-orientated offerings from the aforementioned firms.

“We ended last quarter with 23.5 million users,” said Brian Curry, YouSendIt’s VP of product and business strategy.

“We think these are mostly professional users  – people working in small or home offices, legal firms, design departments within larger companies — folks that need secure file transfer where classic email doesn’t work, people who need to set read and write permissions and to do electronic signatures.”


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