Zimbabwe wants to take solar-powered iPads to rural schools

October 27, 2011

Education minister David Coltart said that the iPads could be used for the country's 'School box' concept, which aims to reduce the digital divide between the rural and urban areas of Zimbabwe.

"Great meeting with Apple today in Paris (French capital) – unveiled a fascinating new 'School Box' which will take iPads to the most remote rural schools – using solar power and micro projectors we will be able to bring computerised teaching aids to the poorest schools", wrote Coltart on Facebook, who later added on Twitter that the iPads will be pre-loaded with educational applications and used only by the teachers.

"I hope we will get the first pilot programmes started early next year. If we can get it to work in Zimbabwe, I am sure it will spread to the poor schools throughout Africa – and beyond".

Most schools in Zimbabwe lack basic IT infrastructure and several of the computers donated by president Robert Mugabe, as part of his rural computerisation programme, have either been stolen, or unused – due to the lack of electricity.


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