ZipMagic compression doubles storage of Windows 8 tablets

July 21, 2014
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The software, ZIPmagic 12, offers three full disk compression solutions that the company says covers everything from virtual or private services in the cloud, to fixed storage on tablets or small solid state drives (SSDs). The company also touts the software is “transparent” to the user and can be activated with a single click.

Simon King of Zipmagic said he was personally motivated to develop the solution so he could double the storage on his 64GB Surface Pro tablet and succeeded.

All three ZIPmagic full disk compressors (ZIPmagic DriveSpace, Double Space and Stacker) run in a single-click operation mode, and are designed to automatically detect and apply the most optimal settings for the target system; such as optimizing for the number of available CPU cores, and leveraging speed boosts from underlying SSD hardware that are automatically detected.

Other features include support for 110 archive types including ZIP, and newer compression formats such as ZIPX for JPEGs and 7ZIP for program data. ZIPmagic 12 also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and provides secure previews for archive attachments in received email.

The company offers a 30-day free trial version.


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