Zite unwraps major redesign of Android news reader app; jumps on Google Glass bandwagon

August 28, 2013
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Zite, the personalized news app, saw the trend early on when it debuted on the iPad. An Android version came a year later, but today’s release of Zite 2.0 for Android is a much bigger deal.

“We’re treating this as a relaunch, a complete rewrite of the app. The gap between this and version 1 is huge,” Martin Stoddart, Zite’s VP of Business Development, told TabTimes.

Basically, Zite has brought key feature improvements it’s added to the iOS version since last year to its Android version, but, as Stoddart points out, with an Android look and feel and some specific features, like widgets, unique to Android.

Zite also now supports specific hardware such as the S-Pen in Samsung’s Galaxy Note line and the Google Glass eyewear tech.

Specific new features in Zite 2.0 for Android include a widget on the home screen that gives you quick access to your top 10 stories based on the app's personalization feature and Quicklist for ready access to favorite topics – which the user can rearrange at any time.

And while one of Zite’s key strengths is the personalization algorithm that presents content based on your individual interests and preferences, a new Explore feature is designed to provide better discovery of new content from the over 40,000 topics Zite offers.

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Seeing the news with Google Glass

Zite on Google Glass gives users the ability to scroll through their top 10 stories. Because of Zite’s personalization algorithm, no two user’s top stories are the same.

“The reality is that Glass – and any other currently feasible wearable computing – offers a different functional experience than your phone, tablet, or computer,” Zite said in a blog post.

“Currently, wearable devices function largely as companion devices to a phone (though we imagine a day where that won’t be the case).  The next feature that we expect to release on Google Glass will be smart notifications.” 


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