Zynga Dallas refugees secretly form free-to-play focused studio Boss Fight Entertainment

February 5, 2014
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Boss Fight Entertainment was formed by three former employees of Zynga and Dallas-based Bonfire Studios, which was purchased by Zynga in 2010 and released CastleVille in 2011: Scott Winsett, David Rippy, and Bill Jackson. Jackson told VentureBeat that they're focusing on "high-quality mobile free-to-play games."

"Boss Fight's next game will combine everything we know about free-to-play and mobile with the high production quality of our biggest franchise titles," Jackson said. "We're already working on an original IP that we’ll start talking about in the coming months."

Zynga shut down its Dallas branch in 2013, but it seems the studio's employees were not left floundering for long. Boss Fight was officially formed in June 2013, but its founders were apparently working on their current project for weeks prior to that. The studio's members were also part of Ensemble Entertainment, a Microsoft studio that developed real-time strategy games like the Age of Empires series and Halo Wars.

There's no clue yet as to what they're working on, but if they can manage to focus on strong games that also happen to be free-to-play, rather than games that are defined by paywalls, they just might be onto something.


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